Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative limits

You can go anywhere you want.
You can do anything you want.
... and when you want !

Sounds fantastic ?
Not quite,  the paradox of choice is going to hit you.
With too much choice, you become paralyzed about what to do next.
You end up deferring the important stuff, you can do it latter after all.
Break the paradox, use limits.

Place a deadline, "I have to finish it in 1H",
Place a frequency limit, "I have to work on it only 10 minutes per day",
Place a principle limit, "I will not do it, it does not help me to become as I want to become"
Place a money limit, "I have to use only 200$"
Place a physical limit, "Let's program the coffee machine for 7:05am, so I always wake up at 7:00am"

You feel stuck and not moving forward ? Use limits, you will become more creative and curious.

What if you always violate these limits ?
That's easy ! Combine any limits with a physical limit.

You want a money limit per month ? Burn your credit card, and every month make a wire transfer to a friend against cash.
You want to stop eat less at home ? Do not fill your refregirator.
You always buy more stuff than you need during shopping ? Burn your credit card, and go shopping with strictly the right amount of cash.
You want stop wasting time on this game ? Uninstall it, delete all your saved game, then give your account to a friend or on a public forum.
You want to stop wasting time on social network ? Unsubscribe and use software like StayFocusd or Rescue Time.

Your motivation and discipline are finite resources you spend every day.
Do not waste it, just setup your physical limitations.

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