Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The time account

If time is a universal currency, what is your budget with it ?
  • You can purchase money.
  • You can purchase sleep.
  • You can purchase goods.
  • You can purchase experience.
For most people, money has a budget of 8 hours.

Money is really good at giving peace of mind and security :
"If everything goes wrong, with a bank account full enough, I can always come back in the game."

It also does a good job at purchasing any goods you want if you can afford to give some time to pay change commissions twice. (conversion of the from time to money and money to good)

Another 8 hours of your time account purchase sleep, and that is a fixed cost...
I tried to make the budget smaller by giving a shot to polyphasic sleep but that work only if the world around you is also polyphasic.

Purchasing goods with time is very rare without changing it to money before. But you can get good offer since middle men don't take commission on currency change.

The time left is what is allocated to experiences.

Maybe it sounds obvious but you can't put time in a saving account and earn interests, you have to spend it today or never.

Most of you want to buy less money (working less).
But where will you spend it instead ? (remember, no saving account)

On what experience will you spend ?
Do you really need more of that experience ? a different experience ?

Be careful, spending on money is wiser than spending on junk experience...
And that is not so easy to avoid. Being busy is one tactic to escape such problem.


  1. Have you seen the movie In Time? :)

    1. sadly yes... even though it was a great subject, the subject of the story of "In time" was inegality between rich and poor more than we should be careful how we spend our time.

      And I don't like the actors play. :(

      I think we already pay with time, but we are trained at school to think that we pay with money.
      That's maybe why, in France, we prefer doing what we are told and getting money (pay job) over enterpreneurship.