Friday, March 30, 2012

Principle and aura

Principles are a truth of your world and that is true because you decided it.
Principles are never wrong.
A principle is a road you follow.

Whatever it might be keep it short, so you can make no compromise, no interpretation.
A short principle is a railroad with protection barrier.
A long principle is a blurry line in the sand.

People that violate your principles are wrong.
Yes, you can always find a point of view in the universe that can make them right.
But these point of view are only useful for diplomacy.

Your point of view is unique and is the one that matter.

That's what this guy shows :

That's why employees, customers, and suppliers love zappos.
That's how amazon (Jeff Bezos) won me as a customer for life by refunding transport fee because my article was 1 hour late. (Go to 6:26)

Their principles are a road graved in stone, and they will never deviate it.
It might have started blurry, but time forged it in stone... with an aura.

Their principles are so solid that it became contagious and people took them for

Now I'm suspicous when I see a company without principle.
The principle of microsoft was productivity at work.
This become a blurry line though when I use windows 8 and metro UI.

My principle as a trainer is : The best course makes you curious.
As a developer : The best software is the one that you does not notice.
Overall : Time is the best currency.

No contract or policy will make me deviate from it.

What's yours ?

Loose your principles, loose your aura.

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