Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The best work is no work at all

At school they told me : Write at least 1200 words, 4 pages, 120 lines...
Solve the problem with the most work you can.

Developers told me : Look at what I have done with only 300 lines of code.
Solve the problem with the least work you can.

And smart developers told me : the best code is no code at all.
Does not solve the problem, eliminate it.

No code means no documentation, no bugs, less complexity, no maintainability.

I generalize : Given a result to achieve, the best work is no work at all.
Maybe the result is not worth it, maybe he will achieve itself, with or without you, maybe you already achieved the result and you are not aware of it.

No work is no blame, no documentation, no time lost, no paperwork.

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