Sunday, January 1, 2012

First bankrupt, integrity leakage

My first company Easydhome bankrupts this week, and happy that it did not affect negatively anybody's personal life.

I can give lots of bullshit reasons that drove us to this outcome.
A customer did not wanted to pay the invoice.
Why ?
We have not been explicit enough and they misunderstood us.
Why are we dead for such simple event ?
Because we had no cash.
Why ?
Because we accepted a contract that should have gave us more money that it made us spend...
Why we lost money on a contract ?
Bad cashflow management.
Why ?
Because we told me everything should be right, no need for cashflow management.
Why I accepted to stop doing it ?
I protected myself against personal financial loss by seeing apocalypse coming. No personal loss No problem I thought.
Why did you think about you ?
I accepted my responsabilities as a president but did not act as a president,
I accepted the consequence of breaking promises, and I let others the power to break them. And it brokes.

I fled conflict and protected myself instead of my company. I followed a path I did not believed.

Some stupid people have power but doesn't want to deal with responsabilities.
I did the reverse, I let the power and was ok to deal with responsabilities.

Now, I know that only two right solutions existed :
  • Saying no for every decisions that I did not firmly believed as right, changing belief as an option but making no compromise
  • Being fired from my president function, and letting it go,
When you have power, your duty is to do the right things, thinking of myself first was definitively not the right thing.

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