Monday, December 19, 2011

Why ? So what ?

Ever changing world urges you to take action, but if you don't take care about asking why you do what you do, you'll take action for someone else.

Maybe altruism will say that it is OK to dedicate your soul to some cause or someone else. That is pure laziness.

You can't help people by keeping them dependant on you.
You must learn them to be confident enough to take care of themselves.
To learn confidence you have master it first.
To master confidence you have to have to know exactly why you do what you do, that's not about me, not about we, but about you.
And when you know the why don't forget to ask the other question : So what ?

You don't become what you want by doing what you always did, so what is your next step ?

"Why ?" makes it clear what you need to stop. (we call it pruning in software)
Move from the action to the reason.
"So what ?" makes it clear what you need to start.
Move from the reason to the action.
Keep both questions in mind.

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