Thursday, December 15, 2011

Local Optimization, Global Optimization

Does choosing better cooking ingredients will make a better dish ?
Does applying better practices for database design, UI design, web service design will make a better software ?
Does following a better accounting, better stock management, better legal contracts will make a better company ?

In other words, does the sum of local optimizations is equal to higher global optimization ?

No, it doesn't.

Maybe two cooking ingredients of mediocre quality mixed together have a better taste than two top quality one. (My grandma known very well how to transform bad food in delicious dish :) )
Maybe having less layer in you software will make you more responsive to your customer.
Maybe having less formalization will make your customers less shy and threatened, and give you more time to take care of them.
Maybe having less customer can help your company.

Global optimization is about achieving the goal of your dish/software/company, local optimization is about achieving the goal of the expert.

Being smart is thinking about how the expert's wisdom can help achieving your goals, don't blindly follow what he says : you are the leader.

But, please, know exactly what you mean by "better". If you are lazy enough, the definition will be set by the expert.

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