Saturday, May 14, 2011

Be careful with the "Builder Gene"

The builder gene is the gene that makes you to create, to build thing because it's fun, and because it lives longer and is bigger than yourself.
Minecraft can take your whole work's day, because of that gene.

The real problem is that some of my customer uses it when they have problems they don't have knowledge to solve.
They have a problem, they build the solution in their head, and ask me to implement.

It's a shame because the greatest value of a great problem solver is to design great solution, implementation is just 10% of his value.

In this case, asks questions on all their decision and they soon will see that you can bring a better solution.
In some case they will be annoyed by your questions and ask you to do as you want.
Yes, it's risky.

Your goal is to make your customer to smile when you leave.
You can implement bad solution and reject the fault on him, but be sure you'll not sleep very well.

Great work is great solution, not only great implementation.

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