Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be careful about your skills

As you grow, you can answer more questions, and do more, quicker, better.

As you progress, the world stop listening to you.

And it's time to make things simpler.
If you don't, someone who knows less than you will do it.

Ideas that spread win, and an idea spreads when it is simple.

Yes it's how Kinect has kicked the butt of costly 3D camera made by top researchers.

They just made it simple.

Google do not give you an useful answer to a bad question

Since you are a child, you are trained to give the right answer.
But that does not make it a useful one...

How to find the useful one ?
Find the right question.

How to find the right question ?
Keep asking why, to yourself, to your prospect, to your student.

As a sales person, as a customer, as a teacher, as an engineer, we have to find the right question before searching the right answer.

Fall Rise Repeat

Everyday children teach you something valuable, just look at them carefully.
They are professional learners, way better than their teachers, way better than their parents.

They do not fear falling, they'll rise anyway, and fall again, rise again, repeat and repeat again.
The shorter the cycle, the more they learn.

In business words, we call it rapid feedback.

It is the food of curiosity, and what make the creativity growing.

That's what make children different, that's what they teach us.